At, we are embracing the power and success of the internet to enhance PEOPLE.  A new social awareness sits waiting for an outlet.  To be sure, the future of humankind will depend not just on what people do online, but on how they live their lives and how they view their world.  At BackPat, we ARE the power of the people, capturing collective energy through our socially conscious (Soc Con) Network.  We are providing an avenue for making that difference through harnessing the very innate goodness that so many of us truly believe lies at the heart of humanity.  We are People Helping People. Just Because They Can.

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Are you willing to do something? To really DO something? Are you willing to let people know what YOU can do to help out your neighbor? Your friend? Your friend's friend? But you just don't always know how? Register for the beta now, and we'll send you your invite when we launch!

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